To prevent some people stealing imgs with links, most wallpapers link to the Flickr site. I feel sorry if that makes disamenity. BUT I'll upload ZIP files to Free space when I post new wallpapers. Then you can download fast. Just REMEMBER to click beofre the file has expired.'cause I won't reupload, at least currently. And If you take time to download from this site, please, think about clicking on ads (if you need) on site in order to do me a favor. You can also click the "support me" image on the left of the page to let me know that you really enjoy this site :)
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我每次貼新壁紙都會順便上傳到免費空間 ._.
(注意: 大多數免空請用單線程下載才不會被 ban)
請在過期前下載, 因為我短期內不太可能補檔
站長也是人, 也要工作和休息, 完全是擠時間來做這個站
所以如果想表示支持我, 請點擊左欄的投票圖, 或是按您所需點擊廣告
另外, 如果想把桌布分享給他人, 請重新上傳, 不要使用我的相簿空間.
我的相簿是用錢買來的 ._. 被擅自使用心裡多少會有點不舒服,希望能受到尊重.
當然, 最快手段是把我部落格的網址分享出去, 那我更加感謝您.
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